Bucket, Drum, Pail, Crate & Tub Handles

Macrocom manufactures and exports Steel handles for plastic industries. We manufacture bucket/drum/tub handles in wide range of sizes, strength, plating, coating and finish..

Bucket/Drum Handles
Handle Size Bin Handles
Plastic Buckets 2 - 30 Litre
Drum Handles 30 - 150 Litre
Tub Handles Upto 50 Litre
Paint Pails 5 - 30 Litre
Containers/Baskets As per Customer's Requirement
Technical Specifications:
Steel Wire Thickness: 2.5 to 8 m.m.
Strength: Upto 7 microns
Plating: Nickel-Chrome or Galvanized
Coating: Powder Coating (Upto 40 microns with different colors)
Finish: Grooved, Notched, Forged or Reverse Bent
Plastic Grips: High Density Palstic in different colors & designs

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